30 Jul 14

Refitting old works with master framer Simon Quinn

spent the morning with master framer Simon Quinn refitting large works damaged by clients, ‘Blue Amathonto 0220′ and a very rare ‘Danaus Chrysippus 4176′ each in a whopping 190 x 190cms deep velvet edged frame – each weighing in at 70 kilograms. Simon has built all my frames for the past 5 years and they are as good now as they have ever been.

blog simon quinn framer 2

blog simon quinn framer 2-2

30 Jul 14

two large format works head for photo shanghai

Through the Paris Gallery Photo 12 we have just shipped a 140 x 140cm ‘Glass’ work and the first produced piece in the ‘Rosae’ series with a beautiful 120 x 90 cms artwork, which arrive in time for the opening of Photo Shanghai.


Glass Vanitas Rose 2012-2059 Alexander James

29 Jun 14

Late saturday night in the studio, strange things bubbling

Abstract bubble stable door 660px